STABILicers Run

Outstanding ice cleats for winter running and advanced winter activities that require extra traction.



STABILicers Run ice cleats were developed for our serious sports enthusiasts. We know you won’t let winter stop you, so we’ve designed a product that can help you enjoy it with a little less risk.

Whether you're hiking an icy trail, going for a winter run, or just getting out for a latte in a blizzard, STABILicers Run ice cleats provide confidence-inspiring grip.

An aggressive cleat and tread combination create perfect mobility and traction. Engineered to be lightweight with Tension-Fit Binding™, STABILicers SPORTrunners hold securely to your favorite running shoe or hiking boot, and can be worn with most casual footwear.


  • Full sole anti-slip protection with heel and forefoot cleats maintains traction throughout your natural stride while walking or running.
  • Dual-Density TPE Elastomer construction with replaceable cleats provides longwearing durability.
  • Lightweight TPE Elastomer holds STABILicers Run securely in place.
  • Traction tread outsole and cleats contact walking surface, providing superior grip on ice, snow, and pavement.
  • Replaceable cleats save money­ and increase product longevity.
  • New Velcro© Powder Strap keeps Run securely in place for rigorous activities such as snow trekking and trail hiking.


XS 5-7.535-38
LG10.5-12.5 44.5-46.5


  • STABILicers™    Run Replacement Cleats

    25 replacement cleats for the Stabilicers SPORTrunner.  Replaceable case hardened steel cleats reassure long-term durability, performance and value.

    Optional brass cleats are softer and non-sparking; giving fuel deliverymen greater safety and peace of mind.